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At Peter-Philip Care Ltd, You will be at the centre of the service we offer you, You will tell us what you expect from us, and we will in turn, carefully select and match our local trained and experience staff to your needs.


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Personal Care

our personal care services provide a comforting solution to a wide range of patient home care needs. These are provided by an experienced home carer. Typically, such home care and healthcare services can include:

  • Personal assistance, helping with dressing, surgical appliances, getting up and going to bed and the use of manual handling aids
  • Personal hygiene including bathing, washing hair, shaving, oral hygiene, bed changing and extra laundry
  • Continence care services and management of urinary and bowel functions
  • Nutritional care services and assistance with diet and eating
  • Helping with mobility problems and how they affect personal care and practical tasks
  • Providing behavioural management and psychological support
  • Simple home care services such as eye drops, creams and lotions, simple dressings and therapies which service users may find difficult if unaided.

Supported Living

Peter-Philip Care Ltd are progressive and proactive; seeking to encourage service users to maximise their lives and be active members of both their communities and society as a whole.

Our support packages are developed with the service user’s aspirations, preferences and best interests at their centre, with input from those relevant such as family members, social services and other professionals.

We seek to help service users engage in recreation, education and the workplace through providing access and helping them to develop the necessary skills and confidence to exercise their independence and achieve their goals.

We take a creative approach to care planning and see no need to be restricted.

Live-in Care

Peter-Philip Care Ltd provide 24hours live-in and part-time companions/home carers to meet the differing needs of each individual. These needs depend on various factors including health, ability and mobility and as well as mental capacity. Basic home care services typically include light housework, cooking, planning menus, shopping, attending social events with the client, transporting them, and generally helping them to maintain their independence.

Whether you are a carer who needs short-term cover when you require a break, or a person who enjoys their independence but requires just a little assistance, we are always there to help. We believe in consistency of care and companionship, so we make sure that the same carer is used on an ongoing/daily basis for each client. As part of our services, Peter-Philip Care Ltd match skill sets and needs to ensure that the highest quality of care is provided, and that helpful and stress-free relationships are built.

Our support staff provides a touch of companionship, while helping with essential duties such as:

Wake-up calls, washing and dressing, bathroom visits, looking after pets, cooking, light housework, shopping and escorts.

Overnight Care

Night sitters are experienced care workers who will stay and support the client or close to them whilst they sleep and are there to deal with any issues that arise in the night.

Escort Service

Peter-Philip Care Ltd provides Escort service that helps you to live your everyday life and allows you to visit the places that mean the most to you but with a little help.

Respite Care

Our carer looks after member of the family who needs constant care at home and can be very demanding. Whether it is the support of someone with learning or physical difficulties or dealing with ongoing poor health, a break from the day-to-day routine for the family carers involved can prove a real energizer

We provide respite care at home as long as may be required and to providing home care cover for a family holiday. This provides a positive experience for the family, while ensuring the highest levels of support, consideration and help for the service user. Respite home care needs can equally apply when, for example, the family carer has to go into hospital or is called away at short notice.

In addition to the above, Peter-Philip Care Ltd also provides:

  • Personal care : Your carer can provide you with a great deal of help with your personal care needs
  • Meal Preparation : Our carer can help you prepare your meals and snacks
  • Personal affairs : Managing your personal affairs, such as birthdays and other anniversaries etc
  • Pets : If required your carer can also feed and exercise your pet
  • Hospital appointment companionship
  • Accompanied holiday companions
  • Trips to local areas of interest
  • Trips to local outings

Additional Services